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Thoughts on a few things

This will be brief, as it is late tonight and it has been a full day, to say the least. Thus far I haven’t been able to do this as often as I had hoped, but I am attempting to be consistent, at least more so than in other attempts to “get stuff”, as it were, for the “once and future book”.

The past two days have been filled with monitoring the girls’ district golf tournament; which means driving around in a golf cart most of the morning and early afternoon, ensuring that the threesome (or foursome) plays the course according to the rules, and that no one shaves strokes. For the record, girls are far less likely to do this than boys.

One of the girls in the group became very excited on a particular hole, hollering out for everyone within proximity to hear, “I got a five!!” I replied back with “Good!” Posting her score on that hole to the official score card, I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she had double-bogeyed on a par-three. I didn’t want to shatter the little bit of confidence that she had gained by only being two-over, since on most of the other holes she had been three, or four, or even five over. Little victories mean a great deal sometimes.

The baseball team is 0-for-district after the first round completed tonight. Four games, and no wins. It’s difficult to win in high school baseball without any hitting, or with minimal hitting. Add to that the occasional game in which a middle infielder, or an outfielder has their head up their proverbial keister, committing two, or even three errors EACH, and that is a recipe for complete disaster. As evidenced by the 11-3 drubbing that we were handed tonight at the hands of our arch-rival.

In other news, lots happening, but too much to chronicle here at the moment. Regarding one particular issue, we are hoping to be granted an interview or two, and the prospects of that seem a bit favorable, at least at this point. Sometimes a guy just needs to get a change of scenery…nothing personal, nothing against that present situation…just time to see if there is another opportunity that avails itself that needs to be pursued. If so, fine; if not, well that’s ok too.

Preparations for the June LSAT are now happening, but not as fast as I wanted because there is quite a bit of stuff going on this week that is getting in the way of that preparation. The LSAT is a step towards a personal goal that may or may not be reached for a number of reasons, but I want to be able to say to myself that I not only attempted, but gave it my best shot, if only for personal satisfaction, accomplishment, and fulfillment.

For now, that is all.


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