Moving a new direction

Taking my writing talents a new direction this summer. Having worked for a couple of local papers the past few years, with one of them going dark, as is the case with many papers throughout the land, and the other paper trying to meet the day to day challenges of staying viable. The latter paper was a nice little gig, but unfortunately, advertising drives business, revenue, and profits, and that is a challenge in today’s situation.

I recently attended an NCAA regional baseball tournament, and will post some of that here in the coming days. Graduate school has kept my full attention the past several weeks, and the writing of eight papers for a portfolio assignment, as well as conducting other research and information for class assignments has taken the full brunt of my time.

I hope to take this writing endeavor to a more elaborate level in the next several months, writing about various sporting events covered and how certain aspects of those events tie into this thing called Life. Coaches always say that sports is a metaphor for Life, and that is very true. My foray into this aspect of writing will hopefully reflect the truth of such metaphors.


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